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Maurices Inc., stylized as maurices, is an American women's clothing retail chain based in Duluth, Minnesota. Founded in 1931 in Duluth, the chain comprises more than 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada, primarily located in shopping malls and smaller towns.


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Te says

"I have been a loyal customer for 20+ years, but in the last 3 years I have noticed, that the quality of clothing has diminished to absolute CRAP, could buy better at WALMART for much less!!! Not that I am a Walmart shopper by any means, because I am absolutely not!! My favorite things from Maurices were their tees and their Silver Brand Jeans. However, in recent years I have noticed less sizes, and styles in Silver Jeans, and their Tee shirts are absolute crap now, one wash and they pill... I have been to several Maurices in my area in the last 3 months numerous times, and have bought NOTHING... Left disappointed after 5 minutes, when I used to spend over an hour per visit, and have to try to decide which items I could afford, instead of finding NOTHING... Sad, former longtime customer......"

Joyce E Gard says

"I was very disppointed with my on line order.Very thin & first time I wore it they got holes in them.I won't order on line again."

Angela A says

"I have been a customer of Maurices since 2005! They were the go to store for their variety of styles, options in sizes and trends. I was in Maurices yesterday and their styles are drab, boring waaaay over priced for the blahness of their selection. Maurices needs a "Style" facelift bad bcz whoever is eesigning for them now is HORRIBLE! In the last 5-8 years Maurices has gone down hill bad. I hope they recover bcz I would be heart broken to see them go."

mel rousseaux says

"The Staff at Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada needs to clean as chairs and change rooms were filthy instead of standing around visiting with each other. Customer service was pretty much non existing."

Melissa says

"Do not order online if you live in Canada. First off they only sent one item even though all the items and sizes I ordered where still available online. The prices are American so you get charged the exchange rate. All of this would have been fine if it had been shipped from the USA but I was charged duty and exchanged rate on a item shipped from Mississauga Ont. Will never order from them again. One 14.00 shirt ended up being 40.00 between the exchange duty and shipping that was shipped from Ontario. So Canadian's beware before you buy online."

Coleen Madsen says

"I am more than irritated. This is the second time that I've gone into a Maurices shop that had a sign in the window "Buy one , get one half off." I shop, and then I'm told that it only applies to select styles. The first time, I took their word for it, but this time I stopped and read carefully. The only exceptions on the sign were "Clearance and previous purchases." I'm fine if something isn't on sale, but please don't advertise it, if it isn't. It sounds a lot like bait and switch to me. I emailed the company, and received a form letter in response. They don't really care."

Melissa Flannery says

"Online clearances only carry small or xtra small sizes. Shipping is expensive and points arent worth much."

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